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Stoked to be our next Curator and help us grow? Let's figure out if we're a match. Take 25-30 minutes to share with us who you are and why you're applying for the role.
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You are a mobilizer, campaigner, rousing speaker, constant learner, and all-around doer.

Do you have a background in marketing, sales, volunteer recruitment, and campaigning – plus an awesome personal network you’re not afraid to tap into as a rolodex? Are you a bona-fide extrovert, with an uncanny ability to win over crowds and build relationships? Is ‘no’ a word that sparks creativity and gumption, rather than frustration and anxiety?

What's your first name? *

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Can we get the link to your LinkedIn profile?

Let's get the boring stuff out of the way first. Which are true for you {{answer_pKjupF0O39Ax}}? *

{{answer_pKjupF0O39Ax}}, how would you rate your ability to work in an entrepreneurial environment with flexible hours - including some nights & weekends? *

Why do you think the role of Curator is for you, and why now? What will you bring to Kudoz that no one else can? *

Everyone comes into Kudoz with eclectic life experiences. We think that's what builds character. Tell us about some tough moments in your life, and how that's shaped who you are and how you operate in the world. *

One of the core values in Kudoz is lifelong learning. Learning can be formal (think: classrooms) but also informal (think: books, travel, peers). Tell us about your most transformative learning moments. What made them transformative? *

What's the last thing you read, watched, or listened to that inspired you? *

We aim to curate a catalogue filled with surprising experiences that aren't like your typical stuff. Name 5 people who you could recruit from your broader network to host experiences, and tell us about the learning experience you would convince them to offer. (You can just give us first names. Don't worry! We won't contact them) *

Kudoz is trying to achieve some big things. We tend to attract people who like big things. What else is on your plate at the moment? A passion project? Another job? Personal commitments? *

How much would you agree or disagree with the statement: I am looking for more than a job. *

How much do you feel responsible for how other people feel? *

Kudoz is throwing an event for all its Hosts, the volunteers who run learning experiences via the catalogue. The goal? To increase Host engagement & retention, and remind Hosts why they take part. Most hosts lead busy lives, and don't have a lot of extra time on their hands. Turnout has been low in the past. Craft a quick invitation with a clear value proposition for the event: what would it look and feel like? what would it say? Upload your invite (could be a fast sketch, mock-up, Facebook post, text, video, etc.) here. *

Kudoz is about reducing stigma and shifting perspectives of what having a disability means. You are out recruiting new hosts and you meet Stan. Stan has just retired from working at the bank. He tells you that he doesn't have any experience with people with cognitive disabilities and has no idea what he could offer on the catalogue. He says, "I'm really not that interesting and I don't know anything about people with disabilities." What is your pitch to Stan?


Which apps & software would you say you know pretty well?

We don't expect you to know them all. We're just interested to see where you're at.

Do you have a portfolio, website or any samples of campaigns you've run or marketing materials you've written? We'd really love if you could share a piece of great work you’ve done AND one thing that’s a bit crap. Tell us why you think it's crap. *

Please pop your links or work samples into a word doc or pdf to upload. Can be text, photos, video, etc.
Finally, please upload your resume. We recommend highlighting hobbies & interests beyond work too! We like the stuff off the beaten track. *

Oh, and what annual salary are you expecting {{answer_pKjupF0O39Ax}} ? *

Numbers only please. This position is a full time term position with flexible hours until September 30, 2018 and offers a competitive salary (40-45K a year) plus an excellent benefits package & some learning perks.
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