Kudoz is a whole new way of volunteering.
Meet other humans by sharing something you love.
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The catalogue is full of diverse experiences - everything from Podcasting to Burlesque Dancing. Not feeling like an 'expert'? Don't worry, we can still help you plan an experience!
Check out our wishlist for ideas http://kudoz.ca/hostips/wishlist

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Kudoz experiences happen irl (in real life) but the catalogue is digital. You will get texts and emails from folks interested in your experiences. Are you comfortable enough online to respond to messages through the Kudoz website?

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We ask you, our lovely Hosts, to respond to requests within 48 hours. You'll get a text message or email, and can respond to people directly through the Kudoz website. it's super easy!

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Kudoz is super flexible - you set the time and dates to host. But, we do ask that you commit to being available at least once a month to host.

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We love to help hosts shape awesome experiences. But, we also don't want to bombard you. What information and support would you like from us?

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Sounds like the start of a great relationship! The next step is meeting up in person with one of our curators to get signed up and brainstorm an experience together!

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Andie https://andie-kudoz.youcanbook.me/
Laura https://laura-kudoz.youcanbook.me/
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We'd still love to chat and see if there's a way you could join our community We will give you a call soon, or feel free to reach out at 604-862-5836!
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