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Kudoz is free and open now for anyone who's CLBC eligible and 19 or older (or close to 19) It is also open to youth! *

Available in: Vancouver, Burnaby, Port Moody, Coquilam, Port Coquilam, New Westminister

Hey {{answer_24988089}}, I'm just wondering... how did you hear about Kudoz? Why do you think it would be good for you? Did anyone suggest it for you?

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*Whoa! You're a pretty darn good match. We'll be in touch soon to get you going.

*To make Kudoz work, you'll just need access to an iphone, ipod, or ipad to run the Kudoz App. We can loan you one!First, create an account with Kudoz.
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*Hey! Kudoz could be groovy for you, if you've got some support. We'll get back in touch soon to help you get going.

Do you have a Connector, family member, neighbor, or friend who could help with tech or transit for about 4-6 hours a month*?
(Lucky them! they can come along to Kudoz experiences!)
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Sounds like you're willing to try Kudoz, and need a hand with tech & transit. Kudoz could be a good way to practice these skills - as long as you've got peeps in your life.

Do you have a family member, Connector, staff person, or friend who could help with tech and transit for about 6-8 hours a month?
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Kudoz doesn't sound like it's your thing right now. No worries!

If anything changes and you'd like to give Kudoz a try, let us know.

If you want to talk to Kudoz just call 604-862-5836.
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Sounds like you're on the fence about Kudoz.

Kudoz works best for people who want something more - be it interesting things to do, places to go, or people to meet.

If you want to talk to Kudoz about whether it's for you, call 604-862-5836.
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Your answers are inconclusive. You are full of surprises!*

*We weren't able to pin you down! That makes you mysterious! Get in touch with us and we'll chat about whether Kudoz is the thing for you right now.
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Thanks for introducing yourself.

Your response goes to the Kudoz team and we'll get back to you with an update.

If you need to reach us email hello@kudoz.ca or (604) 862-5836
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