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You love to learn. You’re insatiably curious and are constantly seeking challenge and novelty in your own life."

You are generous in sharing what you’re learning and experiencing with others.
You’re a people person.
You’re a motivator and change agent.
You provide perspective and inspiration.
You know something about learning and change processes.
You’re comfortable with technology, and de-mystifying it for others with less experience...
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Senario 1


Christie and her mom have been in Kudoz for a few weeks. They are excited to keep going, but every time Christie wants to pick an experience, her mom will often point Christie to another choice. Christie seems to be getting frustrated, but goes along with what her mom says. How would you approach Christie and mom about your observations?
Senario 2 *

Joe is a participant of Kudoz. It’s the first time you are meeting Joe. Joe sits with his knees pointed away from you, shoulders hunched, and hands clasped. You ask Joe what he likes to do. He tells you that he often spends time at home watching TV or going to church. You show him the Kudoz catalogue on your ipad and see if anything catches his eye. He points out a music experience. You click on the experience to open up the listing to find out more about it. Joe turns towards the ipad, moving his face close to the screen, with his hands resting on his legs. He mentions that he plays piano and would like to learn more. Joe asks where the experience takes place. You respond that it takes place in Vancouver. Joe shakes his head and says, “No, not good.” He moves away from the ipad and re-clasps his hands.... What 2-3 questions would you ask Joe?
Senario 2: continued... *

He tells you that he’s quite uncomfortable meeting new people because he had a bit of a hard time with people in public spaces. He’s had some unpleasant interactions with people in public. He hates being at home but he’s scared to go out because he doesn’t know what will happen. What coaching approach might you take with Joe? ... Write your next move or what you’d say here.
Senario 3: Finding a needle in a haystack!


We need to find 10 youth to sign up to Kudoz in a month. They are between the ages of 15-18 years old. It's up to you to plan a recruitment strategy. What's your approach and what would you plan?
Which apps & software would you say you know pretty well?

We don't expect you to know them all, just interested to see where you're at.

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Numbers only please. This position is a full time term position with flexible hours until September 30, 2018 and offers a competitive salary (40-45K a year) plus and excellent benefits package.
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